The next thing…

  My funding campaign on indiegogo has come to an end.  I finished my garage sale and move and am now staying with friends.  I am taking a couple of months to regroup, save some money and shop for my home on wheels.  I am hoping that this part of the journey will be successful.  I am excited, thinking of finding my RV for our trip.
  I am working on getting the dogs all up to date on their vet checks, etc.  My traveling buddies have to be well too.  I think they are a bit confused about all of the recent activity, and not too sure about the move.  They are enjoying the freedom to come and go as they please with a fenced in yard and doggie door in the lanai.  They enjoy the time spent running the fence with the neighbors dogs, and I enjoy the quiet after they pass out from all the exercise.  :)
  So, for now…all is good.  I am shopping for camera equipment and listening to others advice on what I should think of getting.  Everything is moving right along as planned…so far, so good.